About Us

Paragon Global Inc.

Paragon Global Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded by Craig and Ruth Pearcy.  Its purpose is to equip and mobilize those in the body of Christ who are interested in serving the Lord at home and around the world.

We are inviting groups and individuals to travel with us to locations in Alaska and around the world where we will engage in outreach programs, street evangelism and other ministry opportunities. Our core values are to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate the love and power of God.

The Pearcy’s

Craig and Ruth Pearcy have been married for 25 years and have two teenage children. They reside in Wasilla, Alaska where they own and operate a small plumbing and heating company and direct the ministries of Paragon Global Inc. Together, Craig and Ruth have a powerful and effective ministry to everyone with whom they come in contact.

In 2008, Craig founded Holy Hunters, a ministry sponsored by his home church, Nothgate Alaska, which focuses on street ministry and evangelism. His mission was to facilitate the equipping and mobilization of saints seeking an opportunity for ministry and to demonstrate that ministry should be part of the normal Christian life. Many people were mobilized and have learned to pour out the Love of Christ into the community.

In June of 2009, Craig and Ruth were appointed to the board of directors for North Gate Local Outreach Team which was responsible for funding and assisting Alaskan ministries.

Also in 2009, Craig began the process of establishing the non profit ministry Paragon Global Inc. They were officially recognized as a 501c3 in January 2010.

Since then Craig and Ruth have continued to run their plumbing and heating business as well as lead Gospel outreach teams both locally and around the world. They are dedicated to teaching, training, and discipling believers how to go out from the church setting into normal everyday life and to present the Gospel with love and power.

From 2007 to date Craig and Ruth have led and participated in many international outreaches including:

  • Three healing ministry teams to Brazil with Global Awakening
  • Two outreaches to Brazil with Dewnamis Ministries
  • Three trips to Columbia with Dewnamis Ministries
  • Two outreaches to Petropavlovsk Russia
  • Seven outreaches to the Philippines
  • One outreach to South Korea
  • Two outreaches to Sri Lanka
  • One outreach to India

Craig and Ruth are active in their own local church Northgate Alaska where they have attended since 2004.

Craig’s Conversion Testimony